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Vector Moving and Storage – Your A+ Movers San Diego .

Looking for San Diego movers? You are with the right San Diego Moving Company. Vector Moving and Storage provides professional moving services in San Diego for many years.

Our San Diego moving company is one of the top-rated moving companies in California. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, as a result, we are A+ rated moving company by Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Yelp 5-4.5-star rated with numerous amount of feedback. Our main source of the business is your referrals and we will do our best to make sure you are a happy customer so next time when it is time to move, you call us directly. This is why Vector Moving and Storage is your #1 moving company in San Diego.

Why Choose Vector Moving and Storage Moving Company San Diego?

  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Our #1 priority is your satisfaction
  • Only experienced and trained San Diego movers
  • Always clean and fully equipped trucks
  • We always show up

Vector Moving and Storage is a San Diego Moving Company that delivers only high-quality service. Our movers in San Diego will come and wrap all your furniture pieces with plastic wrap and premium moving blankets. Vector Moving and Storage San Diego moving service use a different type of protection for your belongings and property. Our San Diego movers always cover your: front door, doorways, rails, and staircases to protect your property, as a result, we can avoid property damages. We do not just come with moving blankets but we also care about washer and dryer covers, size adjustable refrigerator covers, couch covers (to cover the entire couch), and different size mattress covers. Call Vector Moving and Storage today- Your #1 moving company in San Diego.

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San Diego Movers – Moving Services

Professional Moving Services:

Vector Moving and Storage has trained movers in San Diego ready to give you a complete moving service. We start every move by protecting your property and belongings to prevent any damage. Our San Diego movers will pad, wrap, and shrink-wrap your belongings before moving them into the moving truck. This service saves you time and prevents your items from scratches and damage. We are here not just to move your things but to do it safely for your belongings and property. Before our Movers San Diego start moving your items out of the house, they will apply protective supplies to your property such as door protection, doorway protection, floor runners for floor protection, and rail protection for staircase rails.

Our moving trucks waiting to haul your items for local and long-distance moving. The majority of our vehicles have the best air-ride suspension available to prevent any damage. Our San Diego movers will carefully load the truck with your goods so the weight ratio is balanced. We can also give you a detailed inventory for every move per your request. You can fill out the inventory form online or do it with our sales assistant over the phone. In that case, when your movers in San Diego arrive, they already know the accurate size of your move. Choose the best for your move- choose Vector Moving and Storage. #1 moving company San Diego.

#1 San Diego Moving Company

Our San Diego moving company is fully licensed and insured and quality-focused so you can be confident that you are moving with the best. All our movers in San Diego are trained and well-mannered. We use only professional high-grade moving supplies and equipment so we ensure the highest level of protection of your belongings and the easiest moving process possible. Our movers in San Diego will not just protect your belongings to avoid damages but also protect your property to keep it safe. Our San Diego moving company always offers a free onsite estimate for larger moves and long-distance moves. We are BBB members with an A+ rating and no consumer complaints, hundreds of great online reviews, and our moving company is 2019, 2020, and 2021 Awarded  San Diego Moving Company for exceptional service. Vector Moving and Storage is San Diego local moving company that cares about every move and every customer, we are not just another moving company in the area, we are the company that delivers exceptional moving and customer service. As a result, thousands of customers choose our moving company in San Diego every year.

Why Move to San Diego CA.

Thinking of moving to San Diego? Here is why you should do it. San Diego is one the most beautiful cities in the USA, you can go to a beach and in two hours be in the mountains skiing in wintertime. In general temperature in San Diego stays between 50F and 77F. San Diego is not a small town but very clean compared to cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and etc. There are tons of things to do, see, and visit. World-famous San Diego Zoo, Sea World, water parks, beaches, casinos, shopping, kids playgrounds- it is All about San Diego. San Diego is very famous for its beer with over 140 breweries you can definitely find the right flavor for yourself. Get a quote from Vector Moving and Storage #1 Movers in San Diego and move into your dream city with our moving company San Diego.

How much do movers cost in San Diego?

Trying to figure out how much movers cost in San Diego? Let us try to answer your question. A typical local move within San Diego would cost you between:

1 bedroom place: $350- $750.

2. bedroom place: $650- $1,070

3. bedroom place: $950- $1665

Please keep in mind this is an average statistical number, every move is different in its own way. The actual cost of your move will depend on the access situation, your preparedness, and amount things you are moving.

How much do you tip movers in San Diego?

Do many customers ask how much they should tip movers in San Diego? There is no actual percentage for tipping movers in San Diego, however, tips are expected by movers. Tips usually range anywhere from $20- $100 per person, depending on the size of your move and the movers’ performance.

How much do moving companies charge in California?

Trying to figure out how much moving companies charge in California? First of all, keep in mind that all moving companies in California will charge you hourly with double driving time in accordance with California Moving regulations. The typical rate in California for 2 man crew is anywhere between $90/hr- $150/hr depending on what city you live in. For each additional man, you can see companies charging $40- $60 per hour on top of their 2-man rate.

Is it better to hire movers or do it yourself?

Many people who never used movers ask themself a question: ” Is it better to hire movers or do it yourself?” Let us try to explain the pros and cons of hiring movers.

The only good thing about moving yourself is you can save money on your move. Would you save much? Depends on how you want to do it? First, you need to rent a moving truck, which would cost you these days $200-$300 a day. You might need to rent blankets from a truck rental place, which a not the best protection for your furniture. Moving blankets rent would cost you an additional $20-$80 depending on how many blankets you need. Blankets close to what moving companies use to protect your furniture would cost you $20-$25 per blanket and you would need 20-60 blankets depending on the move size. In addition, you actually need to move, which would take longer compare to professional movers and possibly bring more damage due to lack of experience.

Move yourself:

  1. Possibly saving money.

Hire movers:

  1. Saves time. Professional movers will definitely move your belongings faster.
  2. Very often not much more expensive compared to self-moving. After renting trucks and purchasing all wrapping supplies.
  3. More safe for your furniture, due to movers having more experience in moving furniture protection.
  4. Less headache, let professionals take care of your moving project.

Do you pay a moving company before or after the move?

Do you pay a moving company before or after the move? All long-distance moves are paid at the pickup or delivery prior to unloading. All local moves in California, in general, are paid when the service is completed. Since local moves are billed hourly final bill can be accurately calculated at the end. However, the moving companies have a right to charge your prior unloading estimated cost or not to exceed it. By California regulation moving companies have a right to not unload until payment is received.

Can you negotiate with a moving company?

every moving company charges different rates, but can you negotiate with a moving company? Yes, you absolutely can. It is always worth a try. If the company has a room for discount, they might give it to you, however, these days companies are giving their minimum rates upfront in order to be competitive.