Moving from San Diego to San Jose?

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However, planning is extremely important before moving from San Diego to San Jose. You need to calculate everything — costs, pastimes, transport and so on. To help you determine the right solution, we have researched the city and collected all the pros, cons, as well as aspects of life in San Jose.

San Jose is a city in the western United States. It is in the southern part of San Francisco Bay. As of 2013, the population is right around at 998 thousand, it is the third-largest city in the state of California. According to forecasts, it will continue to increase, by 2040 the growth will be 340-470 thousand people. Since San Jose is a great city to move to, let us start with the benefits.

The Benefits of living in San Jose

High level of earnings

The average household income in San Jose is the highest in the United States for any city with more than a quarter of a million residents, namely $77 000 per year. The median income for a family is $87 000, males have a median income of $50 000 versus $37 000 for females.

San Jose is the richest city in the United States, with the highest average salaries in the United States since 1990. If you are an expert in computer technology, then there is no better city to implement your ambitious plans. Please consider this general information when decide moving from San Diego to San Jose.

Jobs in San Jose

San Jose is home to the main offices of companies such as The North American, Samsung, Altera, Atmel, CEVA, Cypress Semiconductor, Echelon, Extreme Networks, Harmonic, Integrated Device Technology, Maxim Integrated, Micrel, Move, Netgear, Novellus Systems, Oclaro, OCZ, Online Trading Academy, Quantum, SunPower, Sharks Sports, and Entertainment, Supermicro, Tessera Technologies, TiVo, Ultratech and many others.

Residents of San Jose register more U.S. patents than any other city. 35 percent of all venture capital funds in the United States invests in the city.

On July 31, 2015, Apple, with its main office in Cupertino, acquired a 40-acre plot in San Jose, where the office and research campus of this computer giant is being built, shortly it will be possible to say about Apple that it is not from Cupertino, namely from San Jose.

Economics and Business

IBM established its headquarters on the West Coast in 1943 and opened a research and development center in 1952, both centers were harbingers for unprecedented economic progress, by 1990 San Jose surpassed even a city like San Francisco in population growth, all thanks to Silicon Valley.

San Jose is basically the capital of Silicon Valley. There is a large concentration of high-tech engineering, computer, and microprocessor companies. In addition, there are a huge number of colleges, universities, and research centers in San Jose

There are more than 6 600 high-tech companies here, employing more than 250,000 people. Among the largest urban employers are such well-known companies as Cisco Systems, IBM, eBay, Adobe, and others. It is believed that 1/3 of all venture capital funds in the United States are invested in companies based in San Jose and Silicon Valley. Numerous universities in the region annually graduate thousands of engineers, fueling the local economy.

It is worth noting that Silicon Valley and San Jose are popular places of work for programmers, IT specialists, and scientists from all over the world, which could not but affect the cost of living, but more on that later.

Level and quality of life

Today, San Jose is a city of fantastic opportunities for people who work with computer technology. There are the highest salaries and, accordingly, a high standard of living, which could not but affect prices.

The standard and quality of life in the city may be the highest in the USA. For example, the highest-quality city in the United States, according to Mercer, is San Francisco. But San Jose was not in the list only because no more than a million residents live within the city limits.

Natural and climatic conditions, weather

San Jose has a subtropical Mediterranean climate, with 301 sunny days a year and an average annual temperature of 60 °F. The city has mountains from three sides. For example, the local climate is very different from the climate in San Francisco, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. San Jose has a drier climate, as the city doesn’t have much rain. As you understand, some distance from the coast means that there are wider temperature fluctuations in San Jose. The climate is more continental. Temperatures in summer rarely exceed 86 ° F, in winter about 46 ° F, but there are days when the temperature can drop to minus values, even snow often falls in San Jose. Precipitation usually falls only in winter. San Jose is colder than san Diego. Consider weather change when decide moving from San Diego to San Jose.

City of Art and Architecture

People often criticize San Jose for the fact that almost all historical architecture has been destroyed here. In place of which a lot of modern and essentially featureless architecture locate now. The historical part of the city with the mansions of the 1950s was partially demolished, even the historic downtown was partially damaged, buildings such as Hotel De Anza and Hotel Sainte Claire miraculously managed to avoid demolition.

Modern public buildings are made exclusively in an innovative futuristic style. Such as the Children’s Museum of Discoveries, the Technical Museum of Innovation, the San Jose Theater, and the New City Hall.

There are quite a few places in San Jose where you can relax culturally: the San Jose Children’s Musical Theater, the Silicon Valley Symphony, the San Jose Opera House, the San Jose Ballet, sjDANCEco, the Youth Symphony Hall, the San Jose Repertory Theater, the Museum of Art. Which is the most important museum of contemporary art in the United States. Let us note the annual Cinequest Independent Film Festival, the Asian American Film Festival, the San Jose Jazz Festival.

Of course, as everywhere else, this city is not without its drawbacks. Like most cities located in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose is an expensive place to live. The cost of living in the city is one of the highest in the country. The main reason is high prices for real estate, rent, utilities, and services. Let us look at everything in detail below. Hopefully this information helps, when you decide moving from San Diego to San Jose.

Houses, apartments, and real estate

Between 1976 and 2001, local real estate rose in price by 936%. Today, the main source of filling the budget is taxes on real estate sales. There are 314038 housing units at an average density of 1,745 per square mile or 673.7 per square mile, of which 58.5% are owner-occupied, and 41.5% are occupied by renters. The percentage of empty premises of homeowners is 1.6%. More than half of the population lives in their own homes, but the percentage of rent is also not small.

Historic buildings of the 19th and 20th centuries can be found in areas such as Hanchett Park, Naglee Park, Rose Garden, Willow Glen, dominated by the Victorian style, Prairie style, Craftsman, and Renaissance. To become the owner of your own house in San Jose, you need to be a millionaire, the average house price exceeds $700 000, which is one of the highest indicators. The same prices for renting residential or commercial real estate, prices are rising due to the demand of employees of computer corporations who can boast exorbitant salaries.

San Jose is a city in the western United States, it is in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay. As of 2013, the population of San Jose is right about at 998 000, it is the third-largest city in the state of California. According to forecasts, the population of San Jose will continue to increase, by 2040 the growth will be 340-470 thousand people. Please consider this information when decide moving from San Diego to San Jose.

Distance from other major cities

For example, distances from San Jose to:

  • San Francisco — 70 km
  • Sacramento — 140 km
  • Los Angeles — 490 km
  • Portland — 900 km

Entertainment in the city and where to go

  • San Jose is rich in entertainment, so there is a lot to choose from — from cultural events to sports matches.
  • San Jose Center for the Performing Arts — Performing Arts Center
  • The Tech Museum of Innovation — science and technology museum
  • San Jose Museum of Art — San Jose Art Museum
  • Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum — a museum dedicated to Ancient Egypt
  • San Jose City Hall — San Jose City Hall
  • Santana Row is a prestigious European-style neighborhood with shops, restaurants, hotels, and a vibrant nightlife
  • Japan town is a Japanese neighborhood north of downtown with several cultural sites, shops, and good restaurants
  • California’s Great America — amusement park (open during the summer season)
  • Raging Waters-San Jose — water park (open in the summer season)
  • Plaza de Cesar Chavez is a small park in the city center, where you can see open-air concerts often
  • Lick Observatory is an astronomical observatory which is 46 kilometers from San Jose

Is this convincing enough to start moving from San Diego to San Jose?

More Entertainment.

San Jose is represented by 2 teams in the leading North American sports leagues. The San Jose Sharks Hockey Club plays at the HP Pavilion Arena. And football San Jose Earthquakes (European football) plays its home matches in Santa Clara, a suburb of San Jose. Several other teams from lower sports leagues are also in this the region.

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