Moving to a new business location is one of the most stressful and exciting events for a company.

Vector Moving and Storage is a well known office movers in San Diego. We have been moving businesses successfully for many years. No matter if you move one small office or the whole building we will move it all for you.

Office Movers 

When you move your office, there are two options to go with. 

Option one- Self Packing, where you pack and we move. If your move going this route you will need to pack all small items your self into the boxes and we will take care of the furniture. The easiest and most efficient way for business to get ready for a move is when you have your employees pack their own workstations for moving day. This way it doesn’t take much time, and everyone knows what he or she packed.

Option two- full-service office move, when our movers does everything for you. Our movers will pack and label each box, so we know which boxes goes where at the new location. We will bring all the packing supplies with us and our movers will make sure everything getting packed professionally. In general, we recommend to split packing and moving in 2 days in order to have smooth moving experience, however we understand downtime means money and we have an option of doing everything within one day as long it is physically possible. Our moving company has done thousands of office moves and we know what it take to make your move a success.