Moving from San Diego to Los Angeles?

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If you are in front of a choice of which of the many cities in the United States to choose for moving. This information can help you to decide. Let us look at the pros of living in Los Angeles below.


Los Angeles, where the average temperature in winter is 64-68 °F, and in summer 86 °F or more, seems to many a real paradise. The sun shines all year round, it rains only in winter and then rarely. It has been proven that the more sun during the year, the happier a person is. People in the city, which bears the good nickname City of Flowers and Sunshine, are really calm, happy and smiling. You will forget what warm clothes and shoes are, slush and dullness on the streets. It won’t be a huge difference in climate when you moving from San Diego to Los Angeles. 


Los Angeles is a mountainous area. Mountains can make any landscape much more attractive. Also, the mountains make it possible to leave for the real winter at any time. There are snow slopes just a few hours away from Los Angeles.

Here, you can find everything your heart desires: deserts, green fields, thousand-year-old forests, snow-capped mountains, palm trees, canyons, wild animals, the ocean, and islands. California never ceases to amaze with its incredible nature! Nature somehow inexplicably gets along well with a huge metropolis.

It is not surprising that spiritual practices that celebrate the harmony of man and the world around him are so popular in Los Angeles. This harmony is literally in the air. Freedom of choice is intoxicating: for a weekend you can go to the ocean, or the desert, or a park with waterfalls and lakes… Interested in moving from San Diego to Los Angeles. Call Vector Moving and Storage.


“Big Orange”, as the largest city in California is also called, can be literally divided into slices-clusters. It is a pleasure to explore these unique areas, which in fact can even be considering as separate cities. In Downtown, huge skyscrapers of large banks and luxury residential complexes are adjacent to streets that are impossible to walk through. Because the sidewalks are filled with tents of the homeless.


In Los Angeles, you can try any cuisine in the world. Moreover, it will be prepared by the representatives of this culture themselves. Do you want to feel like you are in Japan and try real sushi? Welcome to the Little Tokyo area. Do you want to try Thai cuisine? Go to Thai Town. And so, it is in everything.

Motivation and inspiration

Since in Los Angeles you can meet both very poor people and very rich, you will always have an example before your eyes of what to strive for. Companies and products crate product the whole world uses. Walt Disney drew Mickey Mouse here, many musicians created their hits, Elon Musk made his rockets and planned to colonize Mars. Every day in Hollywood, films are shot that attract hundreds of millions of dollars around the world. It cannot help but inspire!

The cult of a healthy lifestyle

Nowhere like in California is there such a general obsession with proper nutrition, spiritual development, and rejection of everything that can harm. Los Angeles has a huge number of vegan and raw food establishments, health food stores, natural cosmetics, and everything natural in general. It will not take five minutes on the street without someone running past you. Everyone does sports. Being in such an atmosphere, it is simply impossible not to tune in to this wave.

Geographical location

You can leave Los Angeles very quickly to completely change the situation. Do you want to go to a business (technology) conference, talk to startups? Get in the car and in five hours you are in Silicon Valley. Do you want to hang out? Five hours — and you are in Las Vegas. By plane, respectively, everything is even faster.


Not such a significant plus, but still, someone can please. La La Land is home to the most famous people in the world, Hollywood stars, on whose films more than one generation has grown up. You can sit in a cafe and see a famous actor at the next table. There is always some kind of filming taking place on the streets, which you get used to pretty quickly. The chance to get into an interesting environment of success and developing people is incredibly high!

City of Angels

Los Angeles ranks 2nd in the United States in terms of population after New York. Many people dream of visiting this city for the sake of Disneyland, behind the scenes of famous TV series, and a possible meeting with idols. Also, here you can sunbathe on the beach with clean and snow-white sand, soak up the ocean waves. The city is considered the world capital of entertainment. It is enough to visit Wilshire Boulevard to make sure of this. It is home to nightclubs, numerous shops, expensive houses, and restaurants.

Being a resident, you can spend an unforgettable time in this city, which will be remembered for a lifetime. However, a permanent stay here has its pros and cons, which are worth exploring before indulging in a dream, moving to the city of Angels.


There are more than 80 districts in the city where citizens of different faiths, upbringing, and affluence live, as well as people from different countries. About 700 gangs are operating on the streets, each of which has its controlled territories marked with graffiti with appropriate symbols. Latin American groups stand out especially among them, under the control of which is the supply of drugs and weapons, as well as illegal migration. There are frequent scuffles between gangs, which has led Los Angeles to the first place in terms of crime in the country. Please consider this information when moving from San Diego to Los Angeles.


The general problem of the USA also affected L. A. There are a lot of homeless people here and walking, for example, along the alley of stars, you can easily stumble upon such a person who relieves a small need for a star. In the city center, a whole tent city is organized at night, looking at which you might think that a horror movie or a zombie is being filmed there. Might be a good piece of mind before moving from San Diego to Los Angeles. As a result you might not like moving from San Diego to Los Angeles.

Weather conditions

Although it is warm here all year round, the coast often succumbs to cyclones; earthquakes and hurricanes are possible. Strong temperature changes can take a palce during the day. If in the morning the thermometer shows 68-86 °F, at night the indicator may drop to winter 59-62 °F.

One needs a car

Public transport is not the best choice if you need to cover a long distance. It is so poorly developed that the trip takes a very long time. Therefore, the purchase of a car becomes almost a priority.

Difficulties of employment

Even those with a high level of qualification will have to bother to get a job in their specialty. It will take a lot of time and money to confirm education. Some specialties will require prior training, as the training programs vary in countries. But there will be no problems with finding unskilled vacancies, and the pay will be quite high. Please consider this if you need to find a job when moving from san Diego to Loa Angeles.


You should be ready to give about $10 000 a year for compulsory health insurance. The cost of treatment in the USA is extremely high. It is worth carefully studying the policy, which services it covers. If you have to pay for something from your wallet, it will come out in a round sum. One visit to the doctor reaches a cost of $350, and a day stay in the hospital will amount to about $2 000. And this is not taking into account the providing procedures. Calling an ambulance without a policy will cost you $10 000 — 12 000, and if it is available, $500 — 1 000. It is not a huge difference when you moving from San Diego to Los Angeles. 

The size of the city

The city has a huge area, which can cause various difficulties. For example, in moving from home to work, to a hairdresser or a certain store. Even to leave your area, it may take half an hour.


Los Angeles is an incredibly beautiful, inspiring, entertainment-rich city. It has its pros and cons. It is definitely worth visiting it, at least as a tourist. But before moving to it for permanent residence, it is better to spend at least a month here to conclude.

And also, for a successful move, it is necessary to competently choose a professional moving company that will perform all services clearly and on time.

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