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What is the average cost of moving from San Diego to Phoenix?

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Before moving out, it is important to think twice and plan things properly. We will tell you the necessary information about moving from San Diego to Phoenix and about Phoenix. Here we will consider the pros and cons one more time and make sure that Phoenix is the city you need.

Contrary to popular belief, Arizona has much more to offer than just hot weather and the Grand Canyon. In fact, this status captures with its nature, welcoming cities, and booming economy, Arizona has become one of the best places in the United States to live.

However, before you start looking for a transport company that will take you and your belongings there, you should know a few things. Like any other state, Arizona has its pros and cons. You need to consider a lot of things, from the weather to the cost of living. With this in mind, we have prepared the following relocation guide. Be sure to read it carefully before deciding whether one of the Arizona cities will be your next home.


The climate characteristic of the city and the state as a whole is quite unusual. There is no actual winter here, as well as spring (it is very short-term), and frost is a real climatic anomaly for the city. Already in May, hot weather is established here, until the end of September, the thermometer does not fall below 95 °F. This feature of the local climate should definitely be taken into account by lovers of hiking and fresh air, in the summer, the stay can be overshadowed by the sweltering heat.

By the way, did you know that the state capital Phoenix gets more sunny days a year than any other metropolis in the country? The average summer in Arizona lasts 300 days, which makes it a great place to live for fans of hot weather.

It is best to prepare yourself and your next home for the heat, keeping all this in mind. Sometimes even such a thing as a garage door can make a difference in ensuring the thermal protection of your home. Make sure you use the services of reliable companies to prepare your garage. Please consider the weather when moving from San Diego to Phoenix.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Arizona is probably the most significant benefit of moving there. It is 5% lower than the national average, which allows its residents to have a higher standard of living than in other states.

For example, for a family of four, the monthly cost of living in Phoenix, Arizona, should be about $2 700 excluding housing costs. However, if you are alone, these costs will drop to $800 per month.

When it comes to housing costs, if you rent, you should expect to pay about $1 000 a month for a two-bedroom apartment. However, if you want to buy a house, the cost per square foot should be about $154. It is fairly cheaper than San Diego. Which you need to consider when thinking of moving from San Diego to Phoenix.

Job Market

Many people move to Arizona in search of work. This should not come as a surprise because Arizona is one of the fastest-growing states in terms
of economy.

This creates a lot of job opportunities, especially in large cities like Phoenix. Among the developing sectors, we can include tourism, industry, aerospace, and healthcare.

Another feature of Arizona is that it is a state that is constantly growing. Currently, the population of Arizona is 7.4 million people, and more are moving there every year, which creates higher demand and, consequently, more jobs.


Before moving to Arizona, you need to know that this is a state that is not suitable for hiking. Moreover, it can be extremely difficult to move around without a car.

Of course, Phoenix has good public transportation, but most of Arizona depends on vehicles. Fortunately, the roadways in the state are in excellent condition and easy to navigate. For long-distance travel, you can also consider flying by plane.

However, the need for a driver’s license for some people is one of the disadvantages of moving to Arizona. Which might be another point of thinking for moving from San Diego to Phoenix.


One thing is for sure: Arizona will not seem boring to you. Moreover, with an abundance of outdoor activities, it may be difficult for you to find time to try them all.

  • Here is what you should definitely try right away when moving to Phoenix:
    Enjoy the state’s golf courses;
    Go mountain biking;
    Try rafting;
    Enjoy many concerts and festivals;

Modern Phoenix is a stylish metropolis with a developed industry and entertainment industry. The city is home to several large Intel factories, as well as prestigious universities, which are becoming the target of talented young people from all over the world. The proximity to Mexico has had a significant impact on the culture and lifestyle of the city, this influence is very clearly visible in urban architecture.

Architectural code

Unlike many modern megacities in the USA, Phoenix is not distinguished by an abundance of skyscrapers. Low-rise buildings prevail in the city. For this reason, experienced travelers often compare Phoenix with Mexican cities, there is indeed some visual similarity. The city is characterized by a leisurely and harmonious rhythm of life. Which makes it even more attractive for foreign visitors.

Those who have just arrived will be pleased with the developed transport system and, of course, the variety of attractions. Lovers of ancient history will have the opportunity to stroll through the Grand Pueblo archaeological park. The legendary Heard Museum invites everybody to get acquainted with the history of the city. There are interesting natural attractions in the vicinity of the village. Trips to the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River are very popular among travelers.

More About Architecture.

Phoenix will be a great place for family leisure. A few years ago, the enchanting Castle N’ Coasters amusement park opened in the city. Its total area is 40 000 sq. meters, dozens of attractions and sports grounds at the park. There is a large race track, as well as golf courses. The youngest visitors of the park will be able to ride around its territory on a musical steam train. Try out various carousels in action. For those who prefer a more relaxing holiday, cozy pavilions for board games are available.

One of the main cultural centers of the city is the Orpheus Theater, which occupies a majestic building with a century-old history. In 1997, another large-scale reconstruction of the building was completed, after which the theater appears to visitors in all its glory now. In addition to performances, musical evenings, classical music concerts, and other cultural events are regularly held there. The most striking monument in the city, made in the Rococo style, is the Tovrea Castle. Now, this masterpiece of architecture is located on the territory of a picturesque park, which contains a collection of exotic plants from around the world.

Cultural attractions in Phoenix

One of the main historical symbols of the nineteenth century is the Arizona State Capitol. This austere building with tall columns and a miniature replica of the Statue of Liberty on the roof has long belonged to government organizations, now it has been converted into a museum. The Capitol is one of the most striking architectural monuments in the country, made in the neoclassical style. During the construction, the main building material was local tuff, partly due to its decorative properties, the building owes its spectacular appearance.

Heard Museum and Art Museum.

The most popular cultural institution in the city is the Heard Museum. Its exposition dedicates to the culture and traditions of the Indians who inhabited these places from early times. The museum’s collection is priceless, it includes collections of cult objects and household items, and one of the most significant is the collection of Hopi Kachina dolls. Travelers interested in ancient history should definitely visit the Pueblo Grande, Archaeological Park. It was here hundreds of years ago that a large settlement of the Hohokam Indi. Who had no choice but to leave their home due to the ongoing drought? Everyone can walk through the streets of an ancient Indian settlement and see interesting structures of aborigines today; it is also worth noting that a very interesting archaeological museum operates on the territory of the park.

Speaking about the outstanding cultural institutions of the city, it is worth mentioning the Phoenix Art Museum. It houses an extensive collection of paintings, including works by outstanding American, Latin American, and Asian painters; the number of exhibits in the museum exceeds 16 000. Like museums? Consider moving to Phoenix, however, San Diego has many museums as well.

More Place to Visit in Phoenix.

A very interesting institution that is worth visiting with the whole family is the Arizona Science Center. It has become a permanent venue for the most interesting exhibitions and cultural events, in the center there is a magnificent Botanical Garden. The basis of his collection is made up of typical representatives of the desert area of the state. Previously some plants had a high value by aborigines for their weight in gold and literally helped nomads survive in the desert. Travelers who are not indifferent to Oriental culture should visit the Ro Ho En Japanese Garden. Every day beautiful tea ceremonies happen here. The garden is a luxurious decoration in the national style of the land of the rising sun.

Those who prefer watching their favorite movies in the evening should pay attention to the modern AMC Desert Ridge 18 cinema. It is one of the most popular in the city and is close to popular restaurants and bars. One of the most unusual entertainment complexes is Xtreme Pursuit Paintball, as you can guess from the name, it attracts paintball fans. They have at their disposal an impressive pavilion with excellent equipment, as well as all the necessary accessories for the game. Please consider this information when thinking of moving from San Diego to Phoenix.

Moreover, since Arizona has warm weather all year round, you can enjoy all these activities regardless of the season.


Should you consider moving to Phoenix? As you can see, Phoenix is a city that deserves the attention of not only single people and couples who are moving but also entire families, since there is something to do. However, moving is not a matter of a couple of seconds, but a long process in which planning and preparation are important.

To do this, you need a responsible and experienced moving company that will do everything quickly and efficiently. We offer you our moving services!

When moving cargo, we use only individual movers and trucks — one vehicle for one delivery. This allows us to move everything safely, making your trip from one city to another calm and peaceful.

That is why hundreds of families trust us every year moving from San Diego to Phoenix. Why don’t you do the same?