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Our Moving and Packing Services in California


Local Moving

We know San Diego like you know a palm of your hand. Moving from an apartment, a condo, or a house? Let the professionals help you. Whether you moving across town or just around the corner, «Vector» is the right San Diego Moving company for you. We move your HOUSE/ APARTMENT/ OFFICE/ STORAGE fast and safe…
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Long Distance Moving

Moving to another City or State? We are here to HELP you. Let our movers move you safely. Nobody Knows Long Distance Moving Like “Vector Moving”. We know how to perform the best moving and customer service during long distance moves. With us you can always track your movers, call the office, …
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Packing Services

Vector Moving has Three different packing types: Furniture Only, Furniture+Kitchen, and Full packing.
Your crew leader is prepared for prepackaged boxes and furniture/Appliances. Professional Moving Blankets, Shrink Wrap, Tape and Closet Wardrobe Boxes will be provided with this selection.
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Here Is 2 Options

For how you can go with your long distance move:

Option #1

Dedicated truck for your belongings only and fast delivery. To have a dedicated truck for your long distance moving project is the safest and fastest way to do a long distance move. This option will save you a lot of time and will make your moving experience very smooth. You won’t share a truck with anyone else, there will be only your belongings in there and doesn’t to be loaded and unloaded multiple times.

Option #2

Another way to perform a long distance move is with a trailer. Having a trailer is a completely different experience since your are sharing a truck with few other customers and your delivery window is 1-3 weeks. Moves like this usually never performed by one company only. Carrier will transport your belongings from one state to another and will perform unloading, we would only prepare your furniture and boxes for a move and take it to our storage facility.

For rates and availability please contact by phone or email. Our specialists will be able to provide you with a price and other details.