Do you think of moving from San Diego to San Francisco and the Bay Area?

Need movers for moving from San Diego to San Francisco and the Bay Area? It is a familiar task for us. Change of job or place of living, moving with all or only part of the property — Vector Moving and Storage company competently organizes and promptly conducts the entire process of moving from one city to another, correctly and efficiently disposing of your time and resources.

Our agency provides a wide range of services — from the packaging materials provision to storage in its own warehouse in San Francisco and the Bay Area, if necessary. We will transport your property in individual cars, ensuring safe and sound.

We solve different tasks

Depending on your tasks, we are ready to arrange a complete moving from San Diego to San Francisco and the Bay Area or provide several individual services:

  • Assembly and disassembly of office and home furniture, commercial equipment.

    Our specialists have many years of experience, which allows them to assemble and disassemble furniture of any design and complexity as quickly and efficiently as possible. We carry out the rearrangement of furniture within one floor and between floors. Such a need often arises when repairing or resizing an apartment or office.

  • Packing of personal belongings, furniture, household appliances, and office equipment.

    Furniture, things, appliances, and interior items are packed and labeled. We observe packaging technologies to ensure the safety of the property when moving.

  • Transportation of property by an individual car.

    .Moving from one city to another — and in the opposite direction as well — is carried out on specially equipped movers of various carrying capacities. We organize the transportation of anything, including heavy and oversized items.

  • Loading and unloading of property in an apartment or office.

    Loading and unloading operations are carried out concerning safety requirements to ensure the property is intact and to guarantee the efficiency of the move.

  • Arrangement of things in the new room.

    So that you can return to the usual rhythm of life or work as soon as possible, we will assemble and arrange furniture, put things out, and take out used packaging material.

  • Storage in our moving company’s warehouse in the city of arrival.

    In San Diego, and San Francisco and the Bay Area, we have our own warehouses for responsible storage, where you can deposit personal belongings, furniture, appliances, archives, promotional materials, and exhibition equipment in any volume and for any period, from 1 day.

We are glad to present our moving service. It includes:

  • Packing of property. Delivery of packaging materials and professional packaging with labeling. When moving an apartment or office from San Diego to San Francisco and the Bay Area, it is important to pack all things securely. Depending on the property, we will bring the necessary packaging materials and pack your furniture, appliances, and other items according to the standards.
  • Neat disassembly of furniture and assembly at a new location. Our specialists will disassemble and assemble furniture if required. They always have the right tool with them.
  • Loading and unloading at both locations. At a convenient time, a team of our specialists will come to your home or office and load all the transported items into the car. At the second address, our specialists will unload, unpack things, and put everything in the places you specified.
  • Transportation by an individual car. The entire transportation cycle on the San Diego — San Francisco and the Bay Area route is carried out by one car. By excluding overloading from one vehicle to another, we minimize the risks of damage to your property.
  • Storage in a warehouse — as long as you need.
  • If you are not ready to receive your property on the day of arrival, then we will place it in our warehouse and store it as much as you need. On your behalf, we will deliver it to your office or apartment.

Please consider this information when moving from San Diego to San Francisco and the Bay Area.

The Benefits of living in San Francisco

Of course, life in such a beautiful city as San Francisco cannot do without benefits and pleasure. Below we have presented some of them.

Temperate climate

One of the main advantages that distinguish San Francisco and the nearby cities of SFBA (San Francisco Bay Area). Unlike Los Angeles and, especially, Miami, you will not suffer from the unbearable heat when coming to the city. Summer is quite warm here, but thanks to the cold California current, the ocean brings coolness in the form of fog or a light breeze. There is no winter as such, which distinguishes SFBA from New York, with its high humidity and piercing icy wind. The temperature in winter fluctuates up to 41 °F, slightly deviating up or down.

Beautiful architecture and old buildings

The city is surrounded by water on three sides, so it is very compact — it simply has nowhere to expand.

Developed public transport

In this, San Francisco can only be compared with New York. If you plan to live in the city itself, and not in Silicon Valley or across the Bay, then you can do without a car. For example, many locals successfully use bicycles and buses.

IT is thriving

SFBA is just the perfect place for programmers and everyone else connects with the world of high technology to find a job. The area also has a lower overall unemployment rate than the national average.

SFBA is rich in entertainment

The city has everything in abundance — restaurants, cafes, museums, galleries, and concert halls.

Disadvantages of living in San Francisco

Like every city, SFBA is not without its drawbacks. Nevertheless, the disadvantages in this city are quite specific. Here are some of them. Please consider it when moving from San Diego to San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Enormously expensive real estate

The cost of renting an apartment is almost 2 times higher than the level of Los Angeles and about 1.5 times higher than the level of New York. For $1 000 in San Francisco, you can rent only a bed in a room with several tenants, for $2 000 — a room in an apartment with a shared bathroom or a tiny studio. An ordinary two-bedroom apartment with no frills will cost you at least $3 500 — 4 000. The real estate market is getting unaffordable because of the high salaries of programmers. This could be a very valuable information when moving from San Diego to San Francisco and the Bay Area.

The expensive real estate even for purchase

As with rent, the situation with the purchase is depressing, because $11-12 thousand will have to be paid for a square meter in good areas. A studio apartment will cost about $500 000 — 1 000 000.

San Francisco has the most single people

According to official statistics, 44% of the total population is single and has no partners. First of all, this is due to a large number of visiting IT industry specialists — mainly men.

Cool ocean all year round

Although California is a state with hot weather and beaches. You cannot say this about San Francisco. The metropolis is located in the north of the state, even in summer, the water is quite cool. Therefore, if you dream of living on the coast of a warm ocean and spending a lot of time on the beach, you won’t be happy with this city. The climate here is far from ideal, and the water temperature in the bay in the hottest month — July — does not exceed 63 °F. If you like to swim in the ocean you might change your mind about moving from San Diego to San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Highly-paid work only in the IT field

If you are not a specialist in the field of IT technologies, then, unfortunately, you will not be able to find a well-paid job. We recommend that only specialists in the field of the most popular professions come here.

Moving from San Diego to San Francisco and the Bay Area and back is easy

The main rule is that you need to prepare for the move in advance. Even if you do not know the exact date of the move, we recommend you to contact our specialists for advice.

To do this, contact our specialists by phone or email. We can arrange a meeting with the manager at any time convenient for you. The appeal result is a cost estimate, optimization tips, and an assessment of the possible risks of your move.

Your benefits if you entrust the transfer between the capitals to us

General agreement for the whole process

Vector Moving and Storage provides professional services while moving from San Diego to San Francisco and the Bay Area. We will take care of everything from packaging and moving to assembly and storage.

Without surcharges

We plan the work in advance and take into account all the nuances — distance, volume, rigging work, etc. — and then we offer you a fixed price. We guarantee that the cost of moving will not increase, and fix it in the contract.

In any life situation

We do not just sell resources but solve your problems. Do you live in San Diego and have bought a new apartment in San Francisco and the Bay Area? Is your company opening a new branch in SFBA and you are moving? No worries, we will carry out the relocation of any volume and complexity.

Two cities — one quality standard

Our branches in both San Diego and San Francisco, and the Bay Area have been working for a long time and have already settled in. Our own resources in each city allow us to comply with a high standard of moving.

The staff you can trust

For some time, all the transported property is in the hands of specialists who carry out the move. And the main guarantee of trust is their professionalism. Every quarter our workers are certified, confirming their qualifications.

As a result thousands of customers trusted us their moving from San Diego to San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Have a nice move!