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Moving from San Diego to Las Vegas?

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However, before moving from San Diego to Las Vegas, it is important to think twice and plan things properly. To do this, we decided to tell you all the necessary information about LV. Let us see if this city and its rhythm of life are exactly right for you.

Let us get started!

Sung in dozens of movies and TV series, Las Vegas, sparkling with neon lights, surely attracts a lot of people thinking about moving to the USA. But, as locals assure, this idea does not always justify itself. Life in Las Vegas has two sides. One of them is polished to a shine, as it is designed for casino players, tourists, and participants of various conferences. The second side does not shine too brightly, despite the moderate real estate prices and the summer climate almost all year round. Why it happened – now we will find out.

Las Vegas is a holiday city. Parties are literally everywhere here. Plunging into such an extravaganza, involuntarily after some time, a completely logical question arises. How can you live here? Yes, for recreation, Las Vegas is very suitable, but for life, only a few.

Is moving from San Diego to Las Vegas with children reasonable?

Las Vegas is famous for its casinos, entertainment centers, and the opportunity to get married to the first person you meet. Is it worth moving, having children in the family? It’s up to you to decide, but the kids are unlikely to be delighted with poker or blackjack card tables. The advantages in Las Vegas include an abundance of entertainment for adults. The disadvantages include the fact that money in this city has the amazing property of evaporating at the speed of sound. An economical living in Las Vegas cannot be called that.

Moving alone

Is it possible to call such a place safe, for example, for a single girl or woman? The question is quite controversial since you can often meet slightly cheerful guys on the streets, especially in the evening. Las Vegas is a great place to relax alone or together with a fun and noisy company, but permanent residence is unlikely.

Why is this so?

The fact is that Las Vegas has already established itself in history as a city of fun, casinos, and entertainment. A measured quiet life here has never been considered, is not being considered and will not be considered.

For this reason, there is practically no demand, and therefore no supply of residential complexes with quiet courtyards. Nevertheless, it is quite realistic to live here. Let’s see how.

What to do in Las Vegas?

Being very bright, colorful and incendiary. Las Vegas offers very worthy places that will allow you to have fun to the fullest immediately upon arrival.

Here are some of them:

  • The Stratosphere attraction. Stratosphere Thrills is one of the three most extreme attractions in the city. They are located on the highest city tower called the Stratosphere, whose height is about 350 meters.

Tip: before testing yourself on such attractions, it is better to consult a doctor.


  • The Big Shot, which is 329 meters, shoots people into the sky at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour. This is followed by a sharp jerk down, and then up again.
  • X-Scream, 264 meters high. There are no such jerks here, you will simply be rocked to the sides. If you consider at what height, then you will, in the literal sense of the word, soar over the abyss.
  • Insanity the Ride — rotation on a carousel, at an angle of seventy degrees, and a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. From this, it follows that not everyone is bursting with health to overcome all fears during such rides on amazing attractions. For those who are completely confident in their abilities, we wish you good luck and complete extremes. The cost of such a pleasure is about $16.
  • Machine Guns Vegas. Perfect for all lovers of guns, because there is a whole shooting range, with different types of weapons. As well as a training ground and experience young girls’ instructors. I’ll warn you right away, men, and don’t dream, because all the girls are employees of special services. You cannot buy hot drinks here, but there are more than enough hot moments here. Ammunition, weapons, targets, everything for your entertainment. The minimum cost of the package is $90.
  • Body English Nightclub. The club is located in the Hard Rock Hotel. It offers just wonderful dancing and great atmosphere for romantic couples and stars who do not want to get much attention.

Leather furniture, antique chandeliers, and individual booths allow you to fully immerse yourself in this atmosphere and enjoy its friendliness. The club even has special rooms with mirrors. Where you can see everyone present, but at the same time, no one can see you. Intriguing, isn’t it?

As for the musical directions, rock, pop, electro, and indie music plays mainly here. The entrance fee is $20, depending on the event.

  • Cherry Nightclub. The club operates at the Red Rock Casino Resort Spa and is a completely renovated, after extensive renovation in 2012, bright red, a juicy club that entertains its guests from Thursday to Saturday from 10 PM to 4 AM. Everything here is made in red tones, and has the shape of a circle or a ball, which fully corresponds to its name. In the central hall, there is a floating dance floor, with sofas around it, and the dome with two thousand LEDs.

They put new sound system, which cost the creators two million dollars, although the cost of entering the club is only $20 for men; and for women, it is completely free. A first-class disco, leather-covered walls, the aroma of entertainment and emotions simply attracts visitors here like a sweet cherry pie. And the atmosphere of the institution itself is very chic, and comfortable enough to stay. The main hall is quite noisy, so for more relaxed communication and relaxation, you can sit in the courtyard by the pool, where there are sun loungers and a bar.

  • Dig This Entertainment Center. A very original form of entertainment, invented by New Zealander Ed Mamm, who decided to place about twenty tons of sand and only three excavators and two bulldozers on the territory. Thus, the company offers everyone to just get behind the wheel of one of these cars and just dig, dig, transport, a kind of marketing ploy. It would seem nothing complicated, but it is not as simple as it seems, and it’s not exactly cheap, because such entertainment will cost at least $200, depending on the time.


Public transport in the city is represented by buses and the Las Vegas Monorail. Buses run both in the central part and to remote areas, the fare depends on the direction and duration of the trip. In the center, transport runs around the clock every 10-15 minutes. You can buy a ticket for 2 hours, a day, or 3 days with an unlimited number of transfers at vending machines or from the driver. There are heavy traffic jams on the roads in the morning and evening hours.

The monorail is 7 stations connecting the largest casinos and hotels in the city; besides, such trips allow you to avoid traffic jams. Opening hours: from 2 AM to 7 AM next day on weekdays and from 3 AM on weekends. Tickets for a one-time trip, 1 or 3 days are also for sale at vending machines at stations.

It is convenient to travel by taxi, but because of the crazy traffic, it is impossible to predict how long you will have to go. The trip costs $15-20, besides it is customary to leave a tip — 10%. In most cases, you can pay for travel by card, but it is better to specify in advance whether there is a terminal in the car. In the city center, you can park cars along the roadsides where hotels and casinos are, or you can just catch them by raising your hand.

Vegas has a well-developed network of bike paths, there are many rental companies, including city rental, at any of the stations where you can take and leave a bike. This company was launched to solve the so-called “last mile problem” when residents choose a private car, since public transport stops are far from home or office.

Paying for a whole month is cheaper than, for example, 3 days of daily rent, so it is more profitable for those who are going to live in Las Vegas to take a subscription.

Las Vegas Cuisine and Restaurants

Las Vegas restaurants are a real cross-cultural attraction. Here you can taste dishes of any cuisine in the world, and chefs come here not only from different US states but also from other countries.

To feel like royalty, you need to go to gourmet restaurants. They are expensive, delicious, pompous and sometimes there is a dress code. A more democratic option is cafes and eateries. There are buffets where they pay for admission, and you can get food into plates in unlimited volumes. It is even more profitable to buy a day pass, which allows you to return to the buffet throughout the day.

To get in touch with the local cuisine, it is worth going to American establishments, for example, steakhouses. Juicy steaks are a kind of business card of the city, they are served not as an ordinary lunch, but as real dishes of haute cuisine. Dinner in a restaurant with moderate alcohol costs $40-50 per person. Inexpensive snack — hamburgers and bagels with stuffing. Inside they put not only the usual cutlets or fish but also very original fillers, for example, scrambled eggs, avocado with capers, and even fruits. In some establishments, you can make your dish from the suggested ingredients. Such a lunch will cost $10-12.

Since Las Vegas is relatively close to Mexico, its cuisine has been strongly influenced by Mexican cooking. If you like fancy restaurants, consider it when moving from San Diego to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Events

In Las Vegas, something bright and unusual happens every day, but some events stand out especially. For example, the winter Las Vegas Market takes place at the end of January. You can buy everything in this market: from designer clothes to rare interior items, in addition, exhibitions and fashion shows open at this time.

In the fall, you can visit the Big American Food Festival in the city, where, in addition to a variety of vans with street food, guests will also find an entertainment program. World stars perform in numerous concert halls, and exhibition centers bring expositions of the largest artists — both classical and interactive. This can be a key for moving from San Diego to Las Vegas.

Climate and weather

The subtropical desert climate of Nevada with very long and hot summers and short warm winters makes Las Vegas an arid city. From June to August, the heat can be unbearable. It’s the best to come here in autumn or spring when the air is warm, but not suffocating. Precipitation is rare and only in winter, although there is seldom snow. In rare cases, from December to February there are negative temperatures. In general, even in the winter months, it is warm and dry outside.

As you understand, Las Vegas is suitable as a place of residence for those who like constant fun and activity — this city is hardly suitable for calm couples or elderly people. Definitely consider weather when moving from San Diego to Las Vegas.

Are you sure Las Vegas is for you? Wonderful!

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