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However, before moving out, it is important to think twice and plan things properly. To do this, we decided to tell you all the necessary information about Tucson and its pace of life.

For many, Tucson is a remote hot city, but this is not the case at all. Let us figure out what Tucson actually is and why it is worth moving to it right now.

Tucson is a major city in Arizona. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the USA. At the moment, the population of Tucson has half a million inhabitants and it is the second-largest in the state, second only to Phoenix. The city is located in southern Arizona, on the territory of a large oasis in the valley of the Santa Cruz River. A semi-desert plateau surrounds it.

Climate and weather information, before thinking moving from San Diego to Tucson.

Every year, about two hundred and eighty millimeters of precipitation falls in the vicinity of the city. It usually rains here either in summer or in winter and does not last long. The summer rainy season is called the monsoon. During it, there are small storms and strong gusty winds, especially in the afternoon. Snow in these parts is extremely rare and melts very quickly – this is due to the fact that the city is close to the valley of the Sonoran Desert. However, there is plenty of snow in the mountains, even for regular skiing trips.

Due to the low percentage of humidity and the constant light breeze, the heat in Tucson is a little easier to bear in summer.

Industry and employment

The city is a center for the production of radio electronics, the assembly of aircraft, and the production of guided missiles. Tucson is sometimes called the “Valley of Optics” (a kind of analog of Silicon Valley) — this is because optoelectronics and optical devices are produced here in large quantities.

In mountainous areas in the vicinity of Tucson, copper ore is mined, which is processed at the enterprises of the city. The University of Arizona is also located in Tucson. The city is a major transport hub for the area of pastoral livestock, irrigated agriculture, and mining.

Local economy

The economy and development of Tucson are largely connected with the University of Arizona — the largest educational institution in the state, which has about 40 thousand students. Currently, the university is the second-largest employer in the city.

High-tech industries, including military ones, play an important role in the local economy. Tourism is well going, approximately 3.5 million tourists visit the city annually.

On the southeastern side of Tucson, along the I-10 highway, there is a Tucson Tech Corridor technology cluster. Where about 150 enterprises are based. Raytheon is the world’s largest manufacturer of guided missiles and the largest employer in Tucson.

Problems of the city

One of the main urban problems is the lack of water. The Santa Cruz River flows through the city. Previously, it was full and was the main source of water, but over time it dried up. Its riverbed is filled with water only during the rainy season (monsoon season).

Tucson is located in the Sonoran Desert and is surrounded by chains of mountains. The landscape is surprisingly diverse for a desert — hills, dried river beds, rocky canyons, cacti, plants, and everything under a clear blue sky.

The climate in the region is desert with long and hot summers. Due to its location at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level, the air temperature here is slightly lower than in Phoenix. Daytime temperatures on summer days exceed 95-100 °F, at night temperatures drop to 20-28 C. Temperatures up to 95 °F can be even in early October. Tucson has a monsoon season from July to August. In winter, daytime temperatures can reach 60-68 °F. At the same time, frosts are observed in a separate period and even snowfalls, which melt quickly.

Geographically, Tucson is located in the southern part of Arizona, on the large oasis of Santa Cruz. Desert terrain prevails. That is why there is a big problem with water resources in this city. This might be a big decision breaker when you thinking of moving from San Diego to Tucson.

A little bit of history.

In ancient times, ancient Navajo tribes lived on this territory. Thanks to the Spaniards, they established the first fort in this area in 1768. Spain completely controlled this territory at that time. But, although the Spanish colonists had the opportunity to fully control the entire situation in this city, the basic principles of all residents who lived in this territory at that time remained unchanged. There is a highlight in Tucson that is always popular among those who have ever visited this beautiful place. The most attractive thing for potential residents in Tucson is that many buildings are in Spanish style. On the territory of the modern city, many museums that brings the attention of vacationers and just travelers. Where you can get interesting information about this wonderful town. The central part of the city will show all the beauty and splendor of the old restored Spanish fort.

If you are a fan of traveling, exploring new lands, and moving at the same time, Tucson should add to your list of proposed locations. You just need to at least visit Tucson, because here you can improve your health and fill yourself with positivity for life. And if  you like it, you canst thinking of moving from San Diego to Tucson.

What to do in Tucson

Although the Grand Canyon and Phoenix often attract everyone’s attention when it comes to traveling in Arizona, Tucson has plenty of offers for visitors from all over the world. This city in southern Arizona inspires a sense of freedom to discover, explore, dramatic landscapes. This is an ideal option for free-spirit travelers who want authentic, original, and unassuming experiences that leave memories for a lifetime.

With the beauty of the Sonoran Desert as the backdrop of the city, the Tucson area famous for the iconic Saguaro cactus, the Hoodoo Mountain ranges, and its Wild West roots. Tucson has a thriving fine and performing arts scene and a laid-back pace that is a good fit for laid-back travelers. And thanks to its climate and sunshine, it has also become a major holiday destination with lots of spas, resort hotels, and golf courses to rejuvenate yourself and get away from it all. Please consider this information when thinking of moving from San Diego to Tucson.

Here are some of the best things to do when you move to Tucson!

Mission San Xavier del Bac

  • Mission San Xavier del Bac. The American Southwest is full of beautiful colonial missions, and one of the best in this area is San Xavier del Bac. It was founded in 1770 by Spanish Jesuits and is an excellent example of Baroque architecture of this period of history. The name of it was the “White Dove of the Desert” and it is still a spiritual center for Native Americans. You can visit the church and the museum to learn more about its history.

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

  • Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. One of the main attractions in all of Tucson is the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which has a little bit of everything: a zoo, a botanical garden, an aquarium, an art gallery, and a natural history museum. This is a great way to learn and understand the desert landscape in person. Walk two miles of trail through 21 acres to learn about plants, animals, caves, and more. Do not miss the collection of minerals, which is one of the best in the world. There is also a bird show where hawks fly over the audience, and the staff allows visitors to see the birds in close-up, which is always a great success with children.

Saguaro National Park.

  • Saguaro National Park. You can find this national park next to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. It is worth a visit during your stay in Tucson. The park stretches both east and west of the city and often surprises visitors with how many plants grow here, despite very hot temperatures. Some highlights are candelabra cacti, as well as animals such as the Gila woodpecker, desert turtles, and the Gila monster, which looks more like a lizard than a real monster! In the morning, go hiking to overcome the heat and take a lot of water with you.

390th Memorial Museum and the Museum of Aviation and Cosmonautics.

  • 390th Memorial Museum and the Museum of Aviation and Cosmonautics in Pima. The Memorial Museum is informative and emotional in Tucson, telling the story of a group of B-17 bombers during World War II. You can learn about the history of the team and military missions by visiting the exhibits here. You can visit it on the territory of the Pima Aviation and Cosmonautics Museum. Entrance to the 390th Memorial Museum is free if you pay for visiting the Aviation and Cosmonautics Museum. At the Pima Air and Space Museum, be sure to see the John F. Kennedy Presidential airplane. Kennedy and a copy of the Wright Brothers’ 1903 flier.

Colossal Cave Mountain Park.

  • Colossal Cave Mountain Park. Another amazing natural attraction of Tucson is the Colossal Cave Park, which is a must-have place for all true adventurers. The park and ranch cover 2 400 acres and have many hiking and cycling trails that you can explore on your own. You can also take a guided tour of the cave, ride horses and set up camp to sleep under the stars in the fresh air. Head 15 minutes southeast of Tucson when you are in the area to check it out.

El Charro Cafe.

  • El Charro Cafe. No trip to Tucson is complete without delicious and authentic Mexican cuisine. Cafe El Charro, located at 311 North Court Avenue, is the oldest Mexican restaurant in the country. Which is constantly belongs to the same family. It opened in 1922! This is a wonderful place where you can try favorites in the style of northern Mexico and Sonora in the style of Tucson. The cafe is near the Tucson Convention Center if you are in town on business.  You can find the menu for lunch, dinner, dessert, and happy hour at the restaurant on the Internet, so take a look at them to seduce yourself.

Old Tucson Studio.

  • Old Tucson Studio. Anyone who loves old Western movies is simply should visit Old Tucson Studios. Which has been created for many Western films since the 1940s. Young Guns and many films about John Wayne were shot here to prepare the ground for the famous scenes in the Wild West. Today you can visit concerts and a dance hall to watch live concerts here. And watch a reconstruction of the Wild West fighting a battle. It is also a place for family holidays with lots of entertainment for children. For example, panning for gold and a ride on a miniature train.

El Presidio Historic District.

  • El Presidio Historic District. It is one of the oldest settlements in America, once Native Americans and then colonized by the Spaniards. If you love Southwestern architecture you need to see it. There is a wonderful combination of restored buildings here. The El Presidio Historic District is also a great place to shop for souvenirs, as there is an artisan market in the Old Town. Which is full of shops, crafts, decorative items, and jewelry by Tucson and New Mexico artists. If you like to go shopping or just immerse yourself in history, this area is a must for any new visitor to Tucson.

Even though Tucson is a small town, it is an extremely interesting place that is worth at least visiting. Please consider it when thinking of moving from San Diego to Tucson.

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