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However, before moving out, it is important to think twice and plan things properly. To do this, we decided to tell you all the necessary information about Portland. Here we will consider the pros and cons one more time and make sure that Portland is what you need.

In recent years, many Americans who are thinking about moving to a new place of residence are increasingly paying attention to Portland. An explanation for why life in Portland suddenly became so popular is not so difficult to find. It is enough just to take a close look at the main indicators of this city: the situation in the labor market, demographics, and real estate prices. Let’s see if you need to think of moving to Portland. 

What is the average cost for moving from San Diego to Portland?

If you are moving to Phoenix, the average moving bill will be in the range of $5,800-$7,000. Depends on the services you are looking to get and amount of items you are moving with you. Vector Moving and Storage is a very popular moving company for customers moving to Portland. We are constantly on that route performing moving services. In general, you will get your items as early as 2 days. This is considered to be the fastest delivery when moving to Portland from San Diego. Our movers would carefully protect your items and load those in our moving truck(s). The best thing about moving with us is that you won’t need to share the trucks with other customers. That helps to increase safety and quality as well as expedite delivery.  For a quote moving from San Diego to Portland please call us at 844-468-6683 or fill up our online moving quote.

So, let us start with how this wonderful city from the Portlandia TV series can attract new residents and consider why it is worth moving to Portland right now, below.

The Benefits of Living in Portland.

If you want to live on the west coast, but not in California or Seattle, feel free to come to the 600-thousand Portland. Real estate prices here are almost 1.5 times lower than in Los Angeles, San Diego, or Seattle. We will not even mention San Francisco and the surrounding area. In all these cities, you will not find an ordinary small three-bedroom house in a relatively white area cheaper than $500 000. Whereas in Portland you can easily buy the same house for $300 000.

Apartment rental prices are also quite affordable. Here you can find a studio for $900 and a one-bedroom apartment for $1 100. As you understand, there have been no such prices in California or Seattle for a long time. At the same time, the unemployment rate in Portland is only 4.6%, which is lower than in the United States as a whole.

Since the city is average in size and population, the situation with traffic jams on the roads here is many times better than in megacities. The climate in Oregon is very temperate and pleasant. In winter there is almost no snow, and in summer people do not suffer from the sweltering heat.

After college, young residents of California can easily decide to move here to build a career in the city they have chosen. The same can be said about entrepreneurs who often move from one state to another in search of new prospects. Consider this when thinking of moving from San Diego to Portland.

More Benefits moving to Portland.

Despite a population of 2.4 million people, in Portland, Oregon, there is only one large public company with annual sales of more than $3 billion in the territory of the urban agglomeration — Nike, based in Beaverton. But the absence of large corporations does not stop recent college graduates from moving to Portland, as the city attracts them with good ecology and outdoor recreation opportunities.

The influx of educated young people has led to household incomes increasing by 4% since 2011, and the unemployment rate has fallen from a peak of 11.3% in 2009 to below 4%. Portland now has a high concentration of educated millennials, according to Experian data. Thanks to the potential for economic growth, Portland has risen to the first line of the annual Forbes ranking of the best places for career and business in the United States.

To compile the rating, 14 indicators were analyzed related to employment growth, business and living expenses, income growth over the past five years, the level of education, and projected economic growth until 2019. The authors also took into account migration patterns over the past five years, and cultural and recreational opportunities. Consider this information when thinking of moving from San Diego to Portland.

Portland is the city of the future. What to visit.

Portland is one of the most interesting cities in the state and, at the same time, the most landscaped locality in the country. This city is interesting because it is a decade ahead of its era. If you want to live in the future, by all means, move to this American town. There are few historical monuments and elegant palaces here, but this fact is emphasized by the presence of many innovations.

It is impossible to express a strange thought or lead an unusual lifestyle here because in Portland they will not consider it as something interesting. In 1984, for the first time, a project was organized to introduce bicycles into public transport. And two years later, a light rail network was organized. Portland is a rather unusual city, where historical buildings alternate with ultra-modern high-rises. Interested in it? Considering moving from San Diego to Portland? Call Vector Moving and Storage today.

More to Visit.

A great solution would be to visit Chinatown, which is a tiny copy of China. The most popular among residents was the Oregon ZOO. It is one of the largest in the world and walking around it, you can spend the whole day. Visiting the zoo, both children and adults will be satisfied, as many exotic animals can be seen here. The second most popular object in Portland is the Rose Garden. This garden is considered a magnificent creation of the best designers and artists in the world. Millions of plants are represented here, which are taken care of daily by garden workers. On the territory of the garden, there is a souvenir shop where you can buy unusual goods created from plants. 

What to eat

Portland is also famous for its restaurants. Basically, these are fast foods where you can try all the cuisines of the world without leaving the limits of one block. About 30 breweries are operating on the territory of Portland, which is more than in any other city in the world.

Portland’s booming gastronomic scene destroyed the rulebook a few years ago and began to mutate into countless genres, subgenres, and subgenres of subgenres. Vegetarian restaurants are quite popular, as well as brunch cafes, mixed Asian cuisine, and a somewhat free concept the “Pacific Northwest”. In addition, Portland is famous for stands and pavilions with international fast food, which has absorbed all the cuisines of the planet Earth, which you can try without leaving one city block.

Reading in Portland

Portland is a paradise for people who love books. Are you keen on reading? This city is definitely for you, then! The largest bookstore in the world is here, stretching over the entire block. The store has about 3.5 thousand different departments and more than one and a half million books.

Portland is one of the most attractive cities in Oregon. Come here if you want to see what the future looks like. Portland is ten years ahead of time and characterizes its era as much as Caesar’s Rome or Osman’s Paris. Portland makes up for the lack of colosseums and Baroque opera palaces with innovation and ideas from scratch. Here, no thought and no way of life are strange. Love to read? Think of moving from San Diego to Portland.

Unusual places

While in Portland, it is worth visiting the Bonneville Hydroelectric Power Station, located on the Columbia River. The tour takes place inside the dam, where through special thick glasses you can look into the underwater world of a huge river. There is a fish farm nearby, where you can get acquainted with the full cycle of trout cultivation in artificial reservoirs. Visiting the farm, as well as the hydroelectric power station, is free of charge. And of course, you definitely need to get to Multnomah Falls — the visiting card of Oregon. It is the largest waterfall in the state. A well-equipped trail leads to the upper cascade of the waterfall, which offers a magnificent view of the Columbia River and the state of Oregon. The city itself and its surroundings are so attractive that it is worth staying here for a few days.


The MAX Light Rail (Tri-Met company) connects Portland International Airport and downtown ($2.35, 45 min.). The cost of a taxi ride from the airport is about $30.


Portland is invariably famous as the most favorable city for cycling. There are dozens of miles of special trails. The cost of renting bicycles starts from $35. Some hotels — for example, Ace Hotel — offer bicycles for free. 

Bus, light rail, and tram

Portland has a well-developed public transport network. There is a bus service, the MACH light rail (owned by Tri-Met), and a tram service introduced in 2001. The tram route runs from the University of Portland, through the Pearl District, to North-West Twenty-Second Avenue (NW 23rd Ave). In the city center, public transport is free; outside the center, the cost of trips is $2-$2.35. Transport is open until 01:30.


Branches of the main agencies for renting and buying cars are in Portland and are all around the city. Important: according to the laws of the state of Oregon, you do not have the right to refuel with your gasoline. Most of the city center has parking meters; a free option is to park on the street in the southeastern part of the city and walk to the city center.

As you can see, Portland is a great city to move to, open to all visitors, but moving is a serious and, at the same time, a curious operation when finding a reliable and experienced company.

Here we are, then!

When moving your stuff, we use only individual movers and trucks— one vehicle for one delivery. This allows us to transport everything safe and sound, making your trip from one city to another calm and undisturbed. May be time to consider moving to Portland?

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