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Packing is tedious, takes a lot of time and requires you to have all of the necessary equipment. If you’re missing key packing supplies or cut corners, there’s a good chance your items will arrive damaged.

When you hire our San Francisco Bay Area movers, we’ll reduce your risk of breakage and help ensure your most precious items arrive at their destination safely.

Our moving services offers three unique packing options:

Furniture Only

Most customers pack the majority of their items, but when inquiring about packing services, 60% of consumers choose furniture only. Your furniture is big, bulky, delicate and expensive. Damage can be costly and ruin a furniture set. When moving long distance, the last thing people want is to spend more money.

Our San Francisco Bay Area moving services include furniture-only packing.
We supply all of the protective items, including moving blankets, door covers, floor runners, plastic supplies and other materials. You’ll be required to properly pack all of your non-furniture items.

We recommend that when you pack your own items, you make sure to choose appropriate box sizes, bubble wrap, packing paper and ample protection for any fragile items you may have. Certain items may require you to use towels or blankets to provide additional padding and security.

If you pack a box that has too much space left inside, items will jostle around and are at a much higher risk of breaking. Keep boxes packed tightly and be sure to user ample amounts of bubble wrap and packing paper to eliminate excess space in the box.

Furniture and Kitchen

If you need your furniture and kitchen packed up for you, we can help, too. Kitchen supplies are heavy and delicate. Special care and attention are required to keep your kitchen supplies from cracking, chipping and breaking.

When you choose us as your trusted San Francisco Bay Area moving company, you can be confident that we’ll use packing paper and bubble wrap extensively. All items will be neatly packed into boxes that are labeled using stickers and markers to make the unpacking process easier for you.

At Vector, our movers are not temporary workers, so they do this every day. Through our training program, we teach all of our movers how to properly pack a kitchen (and all items). While it’s impossible to guarantee that all items will arrive undamaged, we do reduce breakage for 99% of our customers.

If you have expensive dishware or even Fine China, we highly recommend that you user our packing services.

Note: Kitchen packing is a time-consuming process that is necessary due to items being fragile. Please account for the additional time and cost when packing a kitchen.

Complete Packing

Sometimes, you’ll want to make your move as simple as possible. Our San Francisco Bay Area moving services help you achieve this with a complete packing service. You don’t have to lift a finger as our team goes through your belongings and starts the packing process.

Our packing specialists will pack everything, from your kitchen and furniture to the small items that take hours to pack away.

We supply everything for complete packing, including all of the bubble wrap, boxes, tape and blankets – among many other items. Extensive labeling is also used to mark each box so that when we move items into your new, all items can be placed in their respective rooms of the house.

All you need to do is unpack and start life in your new space.
Packing Supplies and Fees

If you provide packing supplies, it reduces the costs of our service. Otherwise, we can provide a variety of different supplies at the following costs:

  • $2 / 1.5 cu. ft. Box
  • $3 / 3.0 cu. ft. box
  • $4 / 4.5 cu. ft. box
  • $5 / dishpack
  • $3 / small mirror pack
  • $4 / medium mirror pack
  • $5 / large mirror pack
  • $15 / custom oversized frame
  • $1 / furniture felt slider

Along with packing your belongings, we also offer full local and long-distance moving and storage options. When we handle your moving and packing, you can be sure that your items will have the care they need to arrive safely.

We’ll also come with protective equipment for your front door, doorways and even runners for your floor. Wardrobe boxes are provided along with moving blankets, shrink wrap and tape and additional supplies to keep your items safe from damage.

When you need moving or packing services in the Bay Area, give Vector Moving and Storage a call today.

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