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Is it time to move from your current place but the new one is not ready yet? No problem! Our San Diego moving and storage company is here to help you with your moving needs and provide you with moving and storage services. We provide residential and commercial moving and storage services. Vector Moving is a San Diego top-rated moving and storage company. We can store anything from a studio size place to a mansion. Besides residential, we also offer commercial moving and storage services for offices and businesses in San Diego. We have two storage facilities in San Diego with different options for storing your belongings. You just need to choose which moving and storage services work the best for you. Our residential storage experts will be happy to assist you. If you need to store your office our commercial moving and storage service specialist will be happy to help you.

 Why our moving and storage San Diego company?

1. Vector Moving and Storage San Diego has been in business for over 12 years.

2. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal, as a result, we have a spotless reputation for our moving and storage services.

3. Our San Diego moving and storage company is licensed and insured. Also, Our San Diego movers are trained and experienced professionals with many years of moving experience. With Vector Moving Company you can be sure that your belongings are safe.

4. Our warehouses are equipped with security cameras on every corner inside and outside for the safety of your belongings. When you store with our storage and moving San Diego company all your belongings stay wrapped and protected at all times. While providing you with our moving and storage services we try to make sure that everything is prepared to be stored and safe to store.

Benefits of choosing our San Diego Moving company compare to local storage. Why moving and storage services are a good deal.


Can you imagine how much time you can save going with our moving and storage San Diego company? When your rent a unit from your local storage place you need:

  1. Go online and search for local storage.
  2. You need to find the one you like.
  3. Make sure that storage has a big range of access hours for your movers like 7 am- 9 pm. You never know how late you will leave the office or how early you would need to move out. Some storage work 10 am-5 pm, which sometimes leads to a problematic situation.
  4. You need to determine what size unit you need. Is this too small or that is too large? What if I run out of space?
  5. Got to the facility and signed a contract.
  6. Buy the lock and lock the unit.
  7. Come back with your movers back to storage and wait till loading is completed.
  8. Lock your unit and pay movers.

Keep in mind many of these operations you would need to also during move out.

How does it work?

  1. You call Vector Moving to book your move. A vector relocation specialist will give you a price range for storage based on the information you provide to us.
  2. Our professional movers arrive and load everything onto the truck and take it off to the storage.
  3. Our San Diego moving company unloads everything and calls you at the end of the move to collect the payment, in addition, we will send you the picture of the storage load.

Quick and Easy!

Less hassle with supplies and money-saving.

  •  Do you know that our San Diego moving and Storage Company will wrap your furniture free of charge? When you store with us wrapping is free, unlike going with public storage?!
  • However, if you rent a public storage unit you would have to buy moving blankets so you can have your furniture safely stored.
  • An average price of moving blankets is $16-$20/ blanket and an average 2 bedroom place needs 20-30 moving blankets for a single move. Besides blankets, we will provide wardrobes also for free.

Commercial moving and storage San Diego.

Moving your business and need to store it? No problem! Vector Moving commercial storage and moving San Diego company is here to help you!

Our professional office movers will wrap all your furniture before taking it to storage. Commercial moving and storage San Diego company has moved and stored many businesses such as restaurants, educational institutions, law firms, retail stores, barbershops, San Diego courts, etc.

Our commercial moving company is an expert in this relocation and storage field, as a result, hundreds of businesses in San Diego choose our company every year.

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What are moving and storage services?

Moving and storage service is when a moving company comes to load all the furniture for you and takes it to their storage facility to store your items. When you have a new place to move in, your moving and storage company deliver everything to your new place.

Is it better to use pods or a moving company?

Many people ask themself: is it better to use pods or a moving company? In our opinion hiring San Diego moving and storage company is better. Let’s check a couple of aspects:

  1. Liability. When you use pods you need to hire movers to load everything. Moving companies won’t take any responsibility for your belongings being damaged, since it is a pod company that takes over. Pod company also not responsible for broken things. When you use a moving and storage company they take responsibilities from the beginning to the end.
  2. Preparation and additional expenses. When hiring a moving and storage company you should not worry about buying additional supplies to protect your furniture. Moving companies bring blankets and plastic and do not charge extra to store your items protected with them. When you use pods you need either to rent or buy blankets that are very costly and you need 20-60 blankets in general depending on the load size. You will be charged extra for plastic and straps to secure it inside of the pods.
  3. Convenience. Dealing with pods you need to deal with the Pods company, loading company, and unloading company. Moving with a moving and storage company everything is handled by one party.
  4. Cost. If you prepare for your move properly, because of the additional expenses going with Pods won’t save much money but takes a lot of time to arrange everything.