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But before moving from San Diego to Austin, it is important to think twice and plan everything thoroughly. To help you, we have collected below the most important and interesting facts about Austin and described the lifestyle of the average resident of the city.

So, lets start!

A little bit of history

In 1839, one village’s name changed from Waterloo to Austin (in honor of Stephen Fuller Austin, a man who played an important role in the history of Texas) – this is the city we are talking about right now. It has been the capital of the state of Texas since 1846.

Austin stands on the Colorado River. Within the city, a dam block the river and forms Lady Bird Johnson Lake, that has a name after President Johnson’s wife. The area around Lady Bird Lake is one of the most prestigious in the city, on both sides, there are numerous hotels, residential apartments, park areas with walking and cycling paths surrounding the lake (16 km). This is one of the main recreational areas in the central part of the city.

Austin is one of the greenest cities in Texas

In addition to Lady Bird Lake, there are several other lakes in the region, including Lake Travis — another desirable place for outdoor recreation. In general, Austin is a green city. There are more than 200 parks within the city limits, including Zilker Metropolitan Park, a popular park located near the city center. The terrain in the region is hilly, unlike the plains typical of Texas.


Compared to other cities in Texas, Austin is the most democratic. One of the reasons is a large number of young people, the average age of residents is only 31 years.


Austin is located in a subtropical climate zone. Summer is long and hot, the average daily temperature in July is 84 °F. In total, there are over 100 days a year when daytime temperatures exceed 90 °F. Spring and autumn are very pleasant, this is the best time to visit the city. It is cool in winter, the average daily temperature in January is 50 °F. Snow falls very rarely.

Education in Austin

A special place in Austin’s life is occupied by the University of Texas or UT for short. It is the largest university in the state of Texas, with more than 51 thousand students studying there. The University occupies about 150 buildings, including 7 museums and 17 libraries. Among them is the Blanton Museum of Art, the Texas Natural Science Center Museum. It is worth noting that the university’s budget exceeds $2.1 billion.

You can find the university campus just north of downtown. In the center of the campus stands a tower — one of the most recognizable symbols of the city. Usually, in the evening, the tower lights up in white, in case of solemn occasions (including sporting successes), the backlight changes to orange.

The University of Texas has a good national reputation and considering to be one of the best technical universities in the country. It is not surprising that companies such as Dell, IBM, Intel, AMD, Apple, Google, Samsung, National Instruments, and others conduct active business in Austin, relying on university-trained personnel. Over 40% of people aged 25 and over living in the city have a bachelor’s degree or higher (for example, in Detroit — 11%). 

Austin is not a sports city

Austin is the largest city in the United States that does not have a team in the major sports leagues of North America. In part, this explains the colossal popularity of the university’s Texas Longhorns American football team. The team’s symbol is the Texas Longhorn. The huge Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, where the Texas Longhorns play, accommodates over 100 thousand spectators (expansion to 120-130 thousand seats is in plans). If you a fan of life sports events, think of it when moving from San Diego to Austin. 

Music in Austin

Austin is famous to be as the capital of live music. Which you can consider while moving from San Diego to Austin. The slogan ‘Live Music Capital of the World’ officially appeared in 1991. Day and night, on any day of the week, you can always find live music here — in bars, restaurants, clubs, and just on the streets. The city hosts a huge number of concerts, music festivals, the largest of which are the Austin City Limits Music Festival and South by Southwest (SXSW). The epicenter of daily musical life is 6th street. There are many clubs and pubs concentrated there. About 200 musical groups of various styles perform there every day. Life on Sixth Street does not stop day or night.

Austin is the capital

Another city landmark that you cannot ignore is the Texas State Capitol. This monumental pink marble structure, larger even than the Washington Capitol, was built in 1888. Although the Governor of Texas and the state government work in the building, the Capitol is open to the public 7 days a week.

Austin — the city of bats

One of the unusual sights of Austin is bats, which live in incredible numbers in the city center under the Congress Avenue Bridge. Experts estimate their number at 1.5 million individuals. Every evening, from early spring to autumn, huge clouds of flying vampires fly out to hunt. A very unusual sight, which crowds of onlookers and tourists gather to watch.

So, if you are a newcomer, we strongly recommend exploring these places.


Here are more reasons for moving from San Diego to Austin. There are many museums in Austin, ranging from historical to art galleries. But we will focus only on those that correspond to the city’s motto “Keep Austin weird!”. For example, the Museum of the Weird is located on the same 6th Street mentioned above. This small museum is located at the back of the Lucky Lizard Curios & Gifts store and is a typical panopticon — with mummies, various freaks, as well as the wonders of cryptozoology, for example, evidence of the yeti’s presence in Texas.

The next unusual place in Austin is the Cathedral of Junk, located at 4422 Lareina Drive. Vince Hannemann started building the Cathedral in 1988 because he thought, “Why not? It is cool”. During the construction of the Cathedral, Vince used more than 60 tons of garbage, which was mostly bring him the neighbors. However, Vince was quite picky in the choice of materials, although you cannot tell that when you look at the Cathedral. From the outside, the Cathedral does not seem very large, but this feeling changes after entering inside.

The corridors of the multi-level Cathedral twist and spin, creating an impression of otherworldliness, neon lights of old signs sparkle everywhere, household and not-so-household items hang out, and in the center of the Cathedral, there is a huge chair in which Vince usually sits answering questions from visitors. People held weddings and graduation parties in the Cathedral.

Unfortunately, in June 2010, the owner and creator of the Cathedral, Vince, was forced to close access to the attraction. Since the city authorities found fault with the legality of such a construction in the courtyard of a private house. Hopefully under the pressure of the city’s public, the Cathedral will be open to the public again. In the meantime, you can only drive down the street and look at the building from behind the fence.

More Attractions.

After admiring the Cathedral, you can safely go to another unusual museum — the Museum of Ephemera. This museum opens on Thursdays and Saturdays and you can find it at 1808 Singleton Ave. The owners of the museum have set aside half of their house for an exhibition of exhibits both strange and short-lived. Exhibitions change periodically. For example, the theme of one of the past exhibitions was amazing instruments — from a mechanical piano to a device that detects the presence of ghosts.

The current exhibition invites visitors “underground”, in fact, and allegorically. The dungeon leads to a Crystal Cave, underground passages are gradually replaced by otherworldly ones, where monsters and ghosts rule and lead us to the hidden motivation of human actions. The top and bottom change places, and what was a dungeon becomes an atmosphere and vice versa… In a word, “weirder and weirder”.

After all these city and educational excursions, you can go to the lake and swim, if, of course, it is summer. By the way, in Austin, sunny weather sets off for 300 days a year. Where to go? If you continue to follow the “strange” spirit of Austin, then, undoubtedly, in Hippie Hollow. This is a nudist park 20 minutes from Austin. Lake Travis where Austin residents gather to sunbathe and swim naked.

Other Austin Attractions:

  • Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum
  • Long Center for the Performing Arts
  • In less than 40 km from Austin you can find Hamilton pool. The pool with the grotto was formed about a thousand years ago after the collapse of the dome of the underground river
  • Circuit of the America race track, located southwest of the city

As you can see, Austin is not just a town somewhere in the south of the country. In fact, this city is quite distinctive and unique. If you are a fan of everything strange, but at the same time you love the southern flavor, you definitely should at least stop by Austin, and then settle there.

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