How Packing Liquids is done for Moving Out To Avoid Spills


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While moving out one of your greatest concerns is how to move liquids in such a manner that they do not end up spilling and damaging other items. Well, as someone who is shifting your concern is absolutely right. But we can assure you that with a little planning and care you can overcome this hurdle and shift your things easily, that too without any accidents or damage. Interested in knowing how you can do that, well then here you go!

  • Take an inventory

If you have hired a moving company, San Diego, only for physically relocating your stuff, then on the packing front you are on your own. Hence, you will have to think of a way to pack and move the liquid items carefully by yourself. So, here for the first step, you should take an inventory of the liquid items that you are shifting. Remember, that any corrosive, explosive, flammable or highly toxic liquid substances cannot be packed in a moving truck. Hence, you will have to get rid of them before your moving company San Diego arrives for shifting your boxes.

  • Get rid of what you can’t move

While moving liquids it is essential to sort out your stuff first. So take a look at your inventory and find the products that you haven’t used in a while and the ones that you cannot move anyway. You should only shift those liquids with the help of moving company San Diego that you will actually be using in your new home. As for the rest, as far as liquids like unopened bottles of shampoos or face washes are concerned you can either choose to donate them or dispose of them.

  • Pack them together

The next step is to categorize and pack your liquids before the movers from your hired moving company San Diego knock on your door. So, while packing, first of all, categorize liquids by type like kitchen liquids (sauces and oils) should be in one category, toiletries and cosmetics should be in another, and natural cleaning products in the third category. Next, you should pack these liquids (based on their types) in different boxes.

  • Use suitable packing material

Here is how you should pack-

  • First cut a square piece of a plastic wrap, then open the top of your bottle. After that at the top put the square plastic wrap and then replace the top. Make sure to cap it as tightly as possible.
  • Next, get the plastic wrap again and then roll it around the bottle. Secure the wrap by using packing tape or a rubber band. You can also use sealable plastic bags for this purpose.
  • Lastly, use a garbage bag to line the cardboard box in which you are going to place the liquids. Secure the box with the sealing tape.

Label the boxes

Once you have packed everything, make sure to label the boxes before the movers from the hired moving company San Diego arrive. This will prove helpful when you will unpack the boxes later.

So, these are tips that will prove helpful when you are moving liquids to your new house!

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