6 Moving Day Mistakes That Will Cost You Time & Money


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Waiting Too Long to Hire a Mover

Every year, more than 40 million people in the United States relocate to a new home. At VECTOR Moving & Storage, one of the biggest issues we face is turning people down because we’re booked solid. We strive to have a strong reputation for being professional movers and as such, we are often booked months in advance.

Many people wait until a few weeks before their move to book a mover, and the end result means that they have to hire fly-by-night movers. A good mover should be booked at least 3 months in advance in order to guarantee you have professionals handling your move to San Diego.

Get Estimates

If you’re moving to San Diego or inside the state, we recommend you get at least 3 different moving quotes for your move. Each mover in San Diego that you contact should give you a non-binding estimate, along with a binding one. Non-binding estimates allow you to have an understanding of the estimated costs of your move to San Diego. When you have a binding quote, it’s considered to be a legal document, which outlines the costs and will become a binding agreement.

Insurance for Your Move to San Diego

Not having insurance for your move is one of the biggest mistakes people make. If your move to San Diego results in any damage to your goods, having moving insurance provided by your mover is extremely important. Often people do not check how extensive the moving insurance is with the mover they choose, if they have any at all, and have no idea of what the mover’s insurance will cover. Your Moving Company should also have worker’s compensation coverage, in case a mover injures themselves in your home during the move. Without this type of insurance, you could find yourself being held responsible for paying for the injuries.

What about the Pets?

At VECTOR Moving and Storage, we are amazed by the people moving in San Diego who forget to make arrangements for their pets. An amazing number of pets escape from their home during moving day, because homeowners didn’t think ahead. Then hours are spent searching for the pet, which ends up costing more in moving expenses, not to mention they’ve lost a valuable member of the family. Having a portable kennel can save a lot of time and heartbreak. Make sure the pet is tagged and has your new and old address along with a contact number, preferably of a neighbor who will take responsibility for the pet until you can return.

Cleaning the House

Many of us are collectors of “things” that we “might” use someday. When you’re doing your packing you can save time and money on moving day by reducing the number of boxes for the movers. When you’re packing items, consider when you last used it and the likelihood of using it again, and consider giving away items, recycling them or donating them to a local charity that could make better use of them. Reducing the boxes will save you time and money in the long run. Make sure to check attics and the back of your garage for these types of items.

Do You Have a Survival Kit Ready for Moving Day?

Movers always have a kit with them that ensures their part of moving day goes smoothly. At VECTOR Moving and Storage in San Diego, we always recommend to customers to have their own survival kit for moving day. You’ll want to include items such as:
Personal address book with phone numbers
Maps of your new neighborhood
Phone number of local food outlets that deliver
Cash for tipping the delivery person and your movers

When you consider the tips above and follow them, you’ll find moving day will go faster and smoother and in the end, will save you money.

At VECTOR Moving and Storage in San Diego, we welcome your inquiries on how to save money on your move and are happy to help our valued customers.

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