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It may come as a surprise but, moving your entire home can be easier than you think if you pack and prepare correctly. YOUR task during the moving process will most likely be packing your items into boxes, while your moving company moves your heavier furniture items. Before starting to pack you must make sure all packing materials are acquired.

Boxes. Boxes range in sizes from small to large. During a household move, you are going to want to pack heavier items into smaller boxes and lighter items into the larger boxes. This is to make sure you are not creating a large box that is so heavy that you or the movers cant carry it. Many Local Movers San Diego provide wardrobe boxes for your move on moving day. These boxes are for your hanging clothes and can hold approximately 2 feet of clothes. Great places you can buy boxes are Lowes or Home Depot, etc, around a dollar each.

Packing Paper: Packing Paper plays an essential role in the packing process.

Items that require packaging paper are small pictures, decorative items, dishes, stemware, and most of the breakables in your kitchen. If used correctly, this protection can possibly save you a lot of time not having to deal with damage claims.

Tape: You will definitely need moving tape in the packing process of your move. There are many types of tape available, but your local moving companies should provide you tape and packaging paper at fair prices. Some prefer to use a tape gun because it provides great tape tension and an easy tear strip.

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