Your safety matters to us!

The COVID-19 outbreak has taken the world by a storm and left everyone in a panic. The coronavirus is contagious and easily spreads when one comes in contact with an infected person. There is no vaccination for the virus and with a 2% mortality rate, on average, it has destroyed many countries.

To protect the citizens, the government has given an order to the public to participate in social distancing by staying inside their homes. The people are forced to put everything in the backseat and focus solely on keeping themselves and their families safe.

However, if you are a college student who has to go back home after graduation or if you have sold your house and are expected to empty the place for the arrival of the new owners, then you simply cannot avoid the move. Most Moving Companies have stopped operations and many concerned customers have contacted us to inquire whether we will still be able to assist them.

At Vector Moving & Storage, we feel a responsibility to serve our customers when they need us the most. This is why we are extending our services to our customers during these trying times. We have also taken some special measures to ensure the safety of our customers and employees.

1. Our employees will be wearing masks and hand gloves on the job, to avoid getting infected. We have also equipped them with hand sanitizers.
2. We expect the customers to make sure that a running faucet, handwash and clean towels will be made available to our professionals so that they can frequently wash their hands.
3. Our employees have been trained to avoid coming in close contact with our customers. They are expected not to shake hands and to stay 6 feet away from the customers, at all times.
4. We will not be serving customers if someone in the family is showing signs of sickness, as it is crucial to protect our employees and other customers. We expect the customers to cancel the appointment and consult a doctor instead.

We will be serving the San Diego area until further notice is received from the government. If you wish to contact us, click here.