What is a full service moving company?

Full-service local moving is a great choice if you can afford it. This is when you hire a local mover in your area to not only do all the moving, but also to pack all of the boxes. For larger local moves, the moving company will often pack all of the boxes one day, then return and do the moving the next day.

How do movers charge the customer? / How are these prices charged?

Moving Companies will give a quote based on what you tell them you have or if they go out to your place for a physical walk through estimate. Usually, local movers charge by the hour. Long distance moving is charged by distance and how much the shipment weighs.

Does someone have to be present when having their items moved?

In most cases the shipper or representative of the shipper must be present at the beginning of services. This is so that someone can provide signatures authorizing the moving company to provide the services as outlined within their freight bill or other shipping documents. In addition, the moving company needs to get clear instructions with regard to what services are needed. In addition, normally someone needs to be present to receive the goods, and sign for receipt of the goods.

Can someone have their belongings relocated to two different locations?

Yes it is possible to have your belongings relocated to multiple locations. Most local moving companies San Diego charge by the hour so it will be at the expense of the consumer if you need to things relocated to two different locations. Long distance movers normally charge a set fee for additional delivery locations, in addition to the weight and mileage charge for the actual move.

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