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One of the most valuable items in your home office is your computer. Because of the delicate nature of its electronic components, it’s important to pack it securely when you’re planning a move. Another consideration is to backup the contents, which cannot be replaced. In some cases data on your hard drive can be more valuable than the computer itself, so we advise using an external hard drive to back up all of your valuable files.

Office Equipment Cables

Once you have the computer and additional equipment ready to pack, the next step is to start disconnecting all cables. These normally include your:
UPS backup unit
Scanner or fax machine
Next, use color-coded labels to identify each cable. It becomes easier to reconnect everything after your move is over. Pack all the cords into a box and label it “home office” so it will be easy to find at your new home. For people who work online, having your computer set up immediately upon arrival can be very important. You may also want to ensure this box is one of the last ones on and the first ones off of the moving truck.

Packing the Computer Tower

During office moving, when you’re ready to pack the actual tower, be sure to have bubble wrap available to help protect it during the move. If you still have the packing materials the computer came with, you’ll use that for the best protection possible. Your computer tower needs to be placed upright in the moving box in order to give the motherboard the best protection possible.
When you have completed your move, you don’t want to have to reset all of the cards inside the computer in order to have it work properly. VECTOR Moving and Storage advises customers to add additional packing materials to ensure the least possible movement of the computer. The more tightly it is packed in the box, the safer it will be when it arrives at your new home.

The Monitor

Monitors require the same care as your tower since they are also delicate and expensive pieces of equipment. Padding will help to protect the screen, and wrapping it in bubble wrap provides additional protection. Once you’ve placed it in its box, pack other items around it to help hold it tight and give additional support against any movement during your move.
Next, mark all boxes that contain any type of computer equipment as FRAGILE, in large red letters, on all sides to help the movers recognize that the box needs special care when handling it. Lastly, mark the box with a color label that indicates where it is to be placed when you arrive at your new home.

Arriving at Your New Home

When you arrive at your new home, you can safely unpack your office equipment and start the setup process. With all of your equipment properly labeled, you’ll find it much easier to reconnect everything. If using a UPS component, it should be the last thing to be plugged in. This helps to protect your equipment from power surges, which could end up damaging your equipment.

Follow all these steps and your office moving will be safe and easy.

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